Caroline Hands

Caroline Hands is a full time visual artist who works in painting, drawing, textile, batiks, feltmaking, copper and enamel, mosaic, 3D, photography, book illustration and many other mediums.

Caroline has always travelled – her camera catching a wealth of images from all over the world which now forms a large archive of visual material. She has been visiting China since 2006. The generosity and kindness of her many Chinese friends and acquaintances has changed her life and fed her work enormously.

From the age of dot she painted, drew and made shelters and sculptures out of products from the natural environment. She went to Art College in London in the 1960s. After a start in a fashion course, making copper foil wigs amongst other things, she pursued a mixed media course of her own – theatre design, photography, sculpture, general visual research. This was before mixed media courses were common place. She completed a fine art painting degree course later. She also worked a great deal in community arts in London and the West Midlands.

As a full time artist, Caroline’s work continues to develop and expand. Her work explores the diversity and richness of different cultures. Work/paintings of movement, humour and dance bridge between East and West and changing times. This website only present some of the work Caroline has done over the many years of her work.

Recently, Caroline, after many years in the country, has moved back to London. An enormous job moving a large studio contents ! She is happy to be back amongst the enormous cultural mix which always feeds her work, heart and soul.

During a joint exhibition, she recalled being told by a curator : « Well, your work is not polite. »
She took that as a compliment and hoped he meant it that way. Indeed, she said, it’s direct, passionate and full of movement, not playing safe. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t go deep !