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Travels of the body and travels of the mind. Years spent exploring other cultures. The mind works in mysterious ways. Are there limits ? Are there controls ? Who is this big brother? Flexibility and courage. Journeys of the imagination. Human kindness.

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China fascinates and excites me. The beauty, the energy and the insight of an old multi-layered culture working out its needs and wants in a fast changing world. A warmth, generosity and excitement from a people who are experiencing so many changes. I chose to concentrate on the positive.


Still after all those years, I can’t bring myself to stop painting the incredible growth of garden and flowers. I think it keeps us humble. The greatest beauty. The greatest power.

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I have been doing works for more than forty years. This website only shows a fraction of what I’ve done. These early works dates back to long ago. Other styles. People dancing. Drawings.