Her Energy, her Zest for Life

Ad Brugman, Tai Chi and meditation teacher, has run the Orchard Centre in Hereford since 85

I have worked with human use for many years, and with meditation and Tai Chi for 15 to 20 years. In the artistic world, I have seen the development of development of Caroline’s work, and been very struck by it. It is always a very lively, happy piece of art.  She was really there in her work – her energy, her zest for life.

What is her connection to China?
“When I saw her work in China it touched on Tai Chi practice, how it has affected her work—the whole Tai Chi is really in that work, especially the way she paints in China. In England Caroline is more dancing, there are more flowing water movements.

When I saw the Chinese paintings I thought, “Wow, she has really touched on the Chinese soul there.”

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