Hold on to your hats and off we go!

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We have schools, movements, fashions, cliques – and Caroline Hands. Just as our well-ordered and fully-insured lives can be upset by a ‘force of nature’ or ‘act of God’, so we can sit in elegant studios until one day the door flies open and the sky comes in.

The sky is important in Caroline’s work. It’s for pigeons who don’t have pigeon-holes and for all birds who have broken through their shells. Their flight weaves earth and sky together – one reason no doubt for her popularity in China, where the balancing of elements is still celebrated daily in every T’ai Chi turn in every park.

Whatever medium Caroline explores, with a lifetime’s acquiring of skills, she explores it as a dancer. Dancing draws it all together, whether literally in the dancers she has studied around the world and in the dance festivals she has organised, or imaginatively in the way she invites colours, shapes and disparate materials to dance with each other.

When I first knew her in London and Oxford she was acclaimed for her batik work (delighting in the dance of dye, wax and silk) and for her public performance / street happenings, where sculpture, costume and music drew all sorts together in upward-spiralling celebration.

Now, nearly forty years later, her energy is undiminished and her curiosity and vision stronger than ever. Not only is she working with passion on large and exhilarating canvases, she is also working with a team on small, precisely-designed copper-and-glass public commissions. But her paintings are actually more ‘public’. Wherever the brush may have danced from palette to canvas to palette, in Kandy, Hereford or Chengdu, these paintings are for the world.

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