Like the Painted Energy of Nature

Jessica Harness Downes, freelance art-historian

Has lectured, talked  and taught for many years, including for the Victoria and Albert Museum, the National Gallery London, and continuing education courses for London University and other centres.

When I was told about Caroline’s paintings in China, I looked on the web, and was immediately struck by her use of colour, and the vibrancy of  the paintings.  I have visited China, and it seems to me that Caroline’s paintings make references to both the past and present in Chinese life and culture – with exciting results. I love them.  When Caroline invited me to Hereford, I ended by buying a big painting called “Willow Tree”. It is based on a part of her beautiful garden there, (which she also made), and the hills beyond.  The painting gives me a real lift every day. I love the fact that it is like the painted energy of nature; I love the colours that can appear to float the forms; I am sure it has a touch of Chinese mysticism too.  I have to say, I also saw a lot of drawings around her house, of moving figures and dancing couples. People should definitely look at those too.  Can’t wait to see what she does next.

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