Pretty, Happy and Peaceful

Mrs. Manchu Chen, a professional oil painter graduated from China National Central Academy of Fine Arts, her husband is a lawyer in Beijing. She has the same personality as Caroline and therefore cherishes her work and is very devoted to oil painting, refuses to trade for her integrity, loves to travel and is planning to visit Italy and France.

Why do you think that people should buy Caroline’s art? What is so special about it?
Striking color, expression of personal feeling and emotion, pretty, happy and peaceful.

How do you and/or other people you know see as her appeal for the East?
Lots of Chinese elements, including forms and contents, thus should be attractive to the East.Do you see her as a traditional artist?
Caroline is a daring or courageous artist exploring the world.

What could you see as her future between China and Europe?
Nothing is wrong if you stick to your own way and make it perfect on the way no matter where you are.

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