Western View of Chinese Culture

John Xue, businessman

Personally, I am no artist at all. I am a business man but I can try to provide my response from my perspective. As we all know, when a product becomes commercial, it has to be unique and meet the needs of the clients.

In this case, Caroline has the following:

1. Foreign, she is from England and she offers her perspective which is different from Chinese perspective.

2. Integrity, she paints for the sake of art and her work is the expression of her understanding of the world.

3. Oil painting originated from the West. With globalization, the world is getting smaller. People in the East are trying to find out what is going on in the west and learn to appreciate other cultures.

4. From what I understand, Caroline does not fall into any existing forms of arts, that is, she is what she is. Call her anything you want, combination of abstract and expression in her Caroline’s way.

5. For an artist to be popular, it requires financial commitment, time and luck. With the China’s economic growth at 10%, more Westerns would find art work with Chinese elements more in high demand, on the other side, Chinese will find it interesting to have western view of its own culture. Or simply by possession of a piece of art work to show others his/her willingness to appreciate western culture.

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